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It All Starts With Incredible Bloodlines and Old Fashioned Service

Owning a Belgian Malinois. It sounds good in theory and for some it is a dream. Making it a reality to have your own Belgian Malinois should come after much thought.

There is something we would like for you to note as you visit other websites in this business. Most seem to be an “exclusive”  kennel for protection dogs. However, they also list police K9s, explosive detection dogs and the list goes on and on. Some even have the words “Police K9” in their business name. There is an old saying – “Jack of trades – master of none.” This seems to apply here. If you are a master of all kinds of dogs how can you be a master of protection dogs? At Belgian Malinois Home we do one thing and we do it right – Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dogs. When you deal with us you are dealing with a kennel who truly specializes in placing great family protection dogs with those who need them. Belgian Malinois Family Dogs

You are adding a new family member who happens to be one of our “children” and we want a long and lasting relationship with you. You’ll be treated with honesty and we’ll take as long as you need to answer your questions. Try us and see. Every client is a family member to us and we will be here for you. We operate the same way older generations did when your word and a hand shake~ was all it took to make a deal strong. After 14 years of training dogs we know how to make sure you get the right dog and just another dog.

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All of our Malinois puppies will be up to date on puppy shots along with a veterinarian health report. We allow our puppies to go to their forever homes between 10-12 weeks of age. Each puppy comes with a lifelong genetic health guarantee.

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