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Dogs are human’s best friends and they are capable of giving all love and warmth for their entire life without asking for anything in return. Nowadays, people prefer buying expensive dogs as their pets rather than giving shelter to the needed ones. 

Military dogs are far more disciplined and active than untrained pets and adopting them and giving shelter to the nation’s heroes would give their life a new meaning and a chance at the post-retirement life they deserve.

Until 2015, the Indian Army’s dogs were euthanized unless they were gallantry award winners. Later, the government worked on this policy and now some military dogs work as a guard and some are sent to rehabilitation centers after their retirement. Adopting these heroes who have served the nation can be life-changing for them.

Process for adoption :

1. Write an application with an affidavit and sent it by post to Comdt RVC center & college, Meerut Cantt Meerut 250001.

2. Wait for the reply. You will be notified or contacted by them after reviewing your application.

3. You will get a call for the adoption process and interview.

4. When all the formalities are done, you can take the soldier dog with you.

This is how you can provide a new home to these military dogs.

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