Durban – An adopted crow named Benedict is exhibiting dog-like behaviour, according to its owner, Varvara Underwood.

Benedict was born with a heart defect and was unable to fly with the rest of his flock.

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Underwood found him in a street in Moscow, Russia. She said he was sitting in the same spot for four days before she took him in.

“I found Benedict near me, in a street near Moscow. He was just a couple weeks old.

“I observed him for about four days. He was just sitting in one place so I took him home and called the vet.

“He has a very weak heart and that is why he couldn’t fly up,” she said.

Underwood said she kept him on her balcony for the first couple of weeks and fed him almost every hour.

“It’s funny because he developed this passion for being in the family, he always wanted to be near,” Underwood said, adding that the bird studied her moves.

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“He is an incredibly, incredibly curious creature,” she added.

If crows are too weak to leave the nest, the parent will leave the chick behind and take the rest of the flock to a new home.

She also has another crow, named Archasia, who takes random naps with his ball.

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Benedict and Archasia didn’t see eye-to-eye at firs,t but slowly got used to one another, despite Underwood’s vet saying that the two birds won’t be able to live with each other.


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